Art. Design. Technology.


Art. Design. Technology.


I'm a designer who enjoys creating digital products. Formerly designing user experiences at Cartoon Network, I'm available for full-time and contract opportunities. Have an interesting problem? Let's talk.



Product & Strategy

User Experience Design

Information Architecture


Graphic Design


Design & Build

Interface Design

Front-End Web Development



With nearly a decade of experience as a designer, I’ve had numerous opportunities to fail, succeed, and learn. Each new problem I encounter is viewed as a chance to gain insight into the world we build together. I reject the idea of specialization, and allow my curiosity to guide me.


Aside from the hard skills I've acquired and developed over the years, a nearly insatiable curiosity about the world and the people in it - as well as a strong work ethic - supports my work as a designer. Using primarily these two tools, I've learned a number of skills and worked to solve a variety of complex problems. Solutions include both consumer-facing and enterprise products.

A background in fine arts and a strong understanding of the elements/principles of design helps me to ground my creative decisions using proven methodologies and practices. My understanding of user-centered design, information architecture, prototyping, and front-end web development allow me to employ a process which helps me build what I conceptualize.


If you have an interesting problem, I'd love to hear about it.